Nicla Vision with Thermal camera (AMG8833)

I have an Adafruit AMG8833 IR Thermal Camera Breakout connected to the Arduino Nicla Vision over the Eslov connector (I2C). Is there any example in the OpenMV IDE to use it?

Use the FIR module. We have built in support for it. See the thermal sensor examples.

OK, thanks!

I am using this basic example code:

import fir
# Initialize the thermal sensor
fir.init()  # Auto-detects the connected sensor.

ValueError: Failed to detect a supported FIR sensor.

The sensor’s I2C address is 0x69 but it is defined as 0xD2. How can I pass the address?

It’s the same address. 0xD2 >> 1 is 0x69. So, the issue is likely something else.

The I2C bus in use is 1:

// I2C bus 1
#define I2C1_ID                               (1)
#define I2C1_SCL_PIN                          (&omv_pin_B8_I2C1)
#define I2C1_SDA_PIN                          (&omv_pin_B9_I2C1)

That’s pins 1/2 on the Nicla per the pinout:

Looks like those are the same on the eslov connector. Should be functional then.

It seems the Eslov connector can’t provide power to the sensor. It can only receive power over this connector as a peripheral device. :slight_smile:

It works after providing power to the Thermal sensor over VIN pin.