Nicla Vision openmv rpc

How do we use the rpc library on Nicla Vision to stream video over a wifi on a computer?

Hi, the example should work for WiFi on the Nicla. Just use the Portenta example script.

oh before the wifi, i was trying to use the rpc lib over usb. it would run, but it would only display 0.0 all the way and the frame buffer is a black screen.

What I did:

I made the Portenta H7 example “” as the main of Nicla Vision, and then ran “” and selected the corresponding Port.

Display black is not working… Hmm, I’d have to debug the USB calls. The protocol can be a little finicky over USB. I primarily designed it to deal with folks asking for serial comms for UART/I2C/SPI.

WiFi should work better.