New H7 Plus and AprilTags

Does the new H7 Plus camera address the issue with having to window down to 200x200 to read AprilTags due to limited memory? I see the Plus has the same spec of 1 MB RAM and 2 MB Flash.

Yes there’s an external 32MB SDRAM, so it can process much larger images.

So do you mean that I plug in a 32MB Micro SD card? What would then be the suggested maximum window size (resolution) and frame rate for reading April Tags?

The SD card has nothing to do with internal RAM. Since we have 32 MB of RAM onboard you can really max the resolution for processing AprilTags as large as you want. The frame rate will fall as you do that however.

Excellent. This is what I have been waiting for. I will put in a request to buy a couple.