Menu "Save open script in OpenMV Cam (as" disabled

I am working on an RT1062 with a SD card inserted and the menu Tools->Save open script in OpenMV Cam (as is disabled.
If I retire the SD card the menu appears.
I have tried formatting the SD as FAT32 and also as exFAT, but in both cases the menu is disabled.
What could be the reason?
Best Regards

Hi, this happens because OpenMV IDE cannot find a disk with .openmv_cam.

It looks like the RT1060 is missing code to mark the disk with this file… This is a bug in the firmware.

Here’s a PR for the fix.

Sorry, but I don’t know what I have to do.
Do I have to update the firmware? If so, where is the file?

Hi, I just made a PR for the fix. I did not yet generate the firmware. Can you work around the issue in the meantime? I can give you a firmware image with the fix on Saturday.

Hi, in the meantime, you can work around this by just creating a file called “.openmv_disk” on the SD Card.

Ok, thanks