Low Light Camera Entegration with OpenMV H7+

Hi everyone,

I find out that we can integrate other cameras through extension cable. Is it possible to use low light camera with the OpenMV H7+? If it’s possible, is there any recommendation of camera sensor that you can give to me?

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You can raise the exposure of the default camera. Someone once raised it so much they could see the stars.

What are you trying to do?

Hi kwagyeman,
I am able to increase the exposure to gain more light. My problem is that I have an LDR sensor connected to the OpenMV. According to the result of the LDR, I am increasing or decreasing the exposure values. However, LDR makes faulty reading sometimes especially in the indoor enviroment. The faulty readings makes the screen all white due to the high exposure value (as expected). I thought that the Low Light Camera can handle both the LDR sensor problem and with the auto exposure it can control itself. That’s why I am asking actually. If you can give me an better solution, I will be very happy.
Thank you in advence,

Hi, the camera has an auto exposure algorithm along with autogain. You shouldn’t need to use an external sensor to determine the lighting.

If you change the gain ceiling that’s allowed or lower it this changes the camera exposure.

Hi kwagyeman,

Thank you for your answer. I will try it now and let you know.