Advice on "Flash photography in the dark"?

I wonder if anyone can give pointers on this topic. The application is taking still images of insects, mostly at night. A trigger source external to the OpenMV module will send an interrupt the OpenMV, which can then turn on LEDs for illumination, call sensor.snapshot(), then turn off the LEDs.

Where might I start in terms of the large number of gain, balance, exposure time etc etc settings? The background will be unchanged, so if some form of training or adjustment is useful then it could be possible to perform this periodically or manually. (Using H7, OV7725, latest firmware)

I wonder if either of these threads touch on the same area?

The latter implies the OV7725 can work in IR light - is there information on that?

Yeah, ajacobs (Sensor fixed gain/exposure not working - OpenMV Products - OpenMV Forums) basically figured out how to force the camera settings to be what he wants instantly.

Um, you should look at the sensor data sheet. There’s a few registers you can read that give you the YAVG and GAIN settings which you can use to get an idea of the image quality. You can also use get_stats() on the image too.

As for IR, all cameras are very sensitive to IR light. IR lights look like the sun to cameras. To avoid issues they have IR filters in the lenses. When you remove the IR filter (see our IR lens) then they are very sensitive to IR light and can see in the dark given IR illumination.