H7 Pro Light Level Settings/Where to Find Info?


I started working with the H7 board about a week ago and have been playing around with it some, but there’s still a lot I’m not entirely sure of.

What I’m needing to do now is figure out how or if it’s possible to adjust the settings for light to where it can function outdoors in various conditions (cloudy, bright and sunny, etc.)

As such, I’m searching for resources on the light settings (i.e., exposure, white balance, etc.) for the H7 board and if it’s possible to modify these away from the default automatic settings. I found some information on the OpenMV website (sensor — camera sensor — MicroPython 1.15 documentation) already but perhaps someone here knows of other resources?

Also, for anyone who may have worked outside with the H7 already, do you have any suggestions?


Also, does the H7 use ISO and can that be adjusted?

We don’t really have settings for this… Those settings don’t really have any purpose for machine vision since they are just changing color temps.

That said, the datasheets for the camera sensors are online. You can manually program the register settings to change the color temps.

As for ISO. That’s not a term you’d use here. You have direct control over the camera exposure in microseconds. You just program in a value you’d like to use.