Local Testing

Is it possible to run OpenMV code locally on a PC on a stored dataset to test how it works at high speed, instead of having to use real time data at camera processing speed?
I specifically want to iterate different algorithmic options on a dataset with a few hundred test cases to try to optimize speed and efficiency.

Not really, the library is written for an MCU. You’d have to instrument our code for running on the PC.

We’ve love to do this… but, it’s a lot of effort we don’t have time for. If the community wanted to help support a port that would be awesome. MicroPython has a branch that runs on the PC under linux. So, it’s not a full re-write. But, you’d have to fix a lot of compile issues to get it working on the PC.

I was thinking about this also recently. I planned to try some sort of virtual micro python instance first to see if that was even possible.

Yeah, I might look into implementing that myself. In the end, I’ll probably just end up using standard python image libraries to test those algorithms. I’ll post here if I do end up building anything semi-useful!

This looks interesting: