Light mode in OpenMV IDE?

Hi there and thanks for a great product, i.e. H7 that I pledged through Kickstarter.

Unfortunately I have a practical issue with OpenMV IDE on Windows 10, the dark mode does not really work for me with my monitor and eyes. To be able to see anything I need to turn the monitor brightness to maximum which is a pain when I need to switch to other applications where I can use close to 0 % brightness. I do have issues with other programs as well which are only providing dark mode, e.g. Spotify.
So, how do I change from dark mode in OpenMV IDE to a light mode?

Right now, it’s not really a mode. I just set all the colors to this. However, you can actually change it yourself.

See the file under /share/qtcreator/styles/inkpot.xml.

Then edit the colors in that file. An easy thing to do would be to rename default.xml file inkpot.xml and inkpot.xml to inkpot.xml.bak.

This will change the editor default colors.

Thx, I’ll give this a try. Not really sure what you meant with the renaming, do you mean that I’d first rename inkpot.xml to inkpot.xml.bak and then default.xml to inkpot.xml?
Tried this, but default.xml seems to be a empty shell and the colors are even harder to see, almost no contrast.

If I forget the renaming stuff and edit inkpot.xml, which is the tag for the black background in the editor part?
Is it e.g. this:
Probably not, I tested, did not see any change

There’s a background tag which is the background.

All the colors for the editor are controlled through that file.

There’s a background tag which is the background.

All the colors for the editor are controlled through that file.

Aah, of course :slight_smile: Thx a lot!

So, some progress but very patchy. Unless I can change the black background color visible in the screenshot, this is not gonna work.
Should I touch some of the other xml-files?

That’s the file you have to touch.

You need to update the text background color to match.

Also, try copying the settings from the other style files.

Thx again, but unfortunately this is too much work for me, too many settings to try out, some of them not showing any impact. If someone who understands this better could develop a light theme I’d be grateful.
I’m now trying with dark.xml (renamed it to inkpot.xml) and it might be survivable, otherwise I guess I’ll need to use another IDE and copy/paste or import the file to OpenMV-IDE.

This picture is to show how a dark mode (with any application, not only OpenMV-IDE) is causing reflections for me and thus practical issues. Of course I can change to a dark T-shirt instead of a white, turn off the lights in the room etc, but that is more like band-aid on my problem and not solving the root cause :smiley:

Hi, just copy the settings from one of the other 4 styles into the inkpot file and try them out. I think some of the other styles are light.

Also, google at creator styles xml. There are numerous styles online you can download and try out. Many are lighter.

I made a ticket about dealing with this in the future.

Thx, I’ll give it a try after a few days when I have more time. Thx also for the pointer to styles xml

Just rename one of the xml files inkpot.xml and overwrite the original.

Thx, I copied from solarized-light.xml to inkpot.xml and this changed the line numbers, and the empty space between the editor window and the graphs on the right hand.
But it did not change the editor window itself, is there something I’m missing here?
See this screenshot

I don’t know. I may have hardcoded some things in the IDE. I haven’t looked at this in 3 years.

If changing those files doesn’t work then I don’t have a quick fix for you.

I saw you had created an issue for this, thx for that, hopefully your team will prioritize this “feature request” :slight_smile:

Btw, I’ve now ordered the H7 Plus camera to get a bit more capacity than the H7 I have from before.