Menus in OpenMV IDE are black on black text

I just installed the OpenMV IDE on Kubuntu 18.04.
I’m using the Breezy Dark theme, which is one of the 3 default themes.
The IDE works fine, but the text in the menus are black on a very dark background, making it nearly impossible to read.
Could you create a setting to change the color of the font in the menus, or detect a darktheme usage in some way?
Thanks in advance

Hi, it looks like your loading up the wrong theme. There’s a way to fix this without recompiling but I’ll have to get back to you tonight.

Hi, it looks like your loading up the flat theme. Um, You can fix this manually by going into the install dir and editing the theme files:


Inside that directory you’ll find 3 theme files. A default, flat, and dark one. The flat theme is the one that’s loaded by default. Please edit the menu colors in that file and restart OpenMV IDE.

I’m not sure why the text color is wrong… or the menus are black. I feel like the IDE is picking the wrong color because of an OS level hint was not handled. The issue where this bug in the IDE is is likely very deep in the code base and I can’t reliably fix it without a test system install.

Not sure what color the text is pulling from. Most likely:


Note that if you change anything in there it will likely affect other things…

Anyway, can you put a bug on the openmv ide github for this? This will track it being a problem.


I opened an issue on Github.

Thanks for the support.

Any update?

IDE fixes will be processed after we release the firmware image. We hope to finalize all the commits by the end of the week.