Lepton 3,5 half gained

Im notice half of the image of the lepton 3,5 is gained,

is this normal ? or do i miss something on the code?

Its still there with the default main.py for purethermal (only on low temperatures, it disapier when it sees warm temperatures)

This is an issue with the lepton itself and not our code.

I received the lepton 3.5 with the purethermal board 2 weeks ago.
So i understand i received a defective lepton 3.5

This is what im seen when i first boot up the purethermal before first FFC.

Yeah, like half the image is bad.

Did you order the cheap one that’s known to be a factory reject they are selling?

It’s a 3.5. Even for an FS, I would expect better. This one must have slipped past FLIR QC. We’ll take care of it.

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I will thank to the support of GroupGets.
They sended me a new lepton, all ok now.

I cant be happer, the heavy gain lines are gone :grinning::+1:.

(Topic can be closed as solved.)

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