LCD Shield Issue

Taking this thread from OpenMV LCD Shield not functioning - #2 by AudioVOX - Robot Parts - RobotShop Community

Summary - I think my shield is not working but wanted to confirm before returning. Details in the link above, but in case that link ever dies:

  1. Plugged in shield to working openmv board - attempted the hello world of the lcd shield and it fails at init().
  2. Setting type=0 passes the init() probably because it skips it: setting type=1 fails at that line.

Any other thoughts or options? Thank you!

Hi, the lcd shield usually works. If it failed the default lcd example script when connected correctly then it’s broken. That said, you plugged it in such that the backlight on the screen turned on and that all I/O pins were connected right?

Nope - I had the same issue as this person: LCD Shield causes M7/H7 Reset - OpenMV Products - OpenMV Forums

I’ll re-solder the correct way and, if that doesn’t work, let you know.

We didn’t realize that this is a common issue. Maybe we should write that on the silkscreen on the back of the LCD shield.