Keyboard input

Was wondering if there was a way for a user to input commands from the keyboard with the openmv. I tried:
except ValueError:
print “Not a number”

but got an error on raw_input. Same thing here
mport msvcrt

def kbfunc():
x = msvcrt.kbhit()
if x:
ret = ord(msvcrt.getch())
ret = 0
return ret

import win32com.client


Nope, not right now. I have a plan to offer something to allow OpenMV IDE to automatically handle cases like this with dialog pop-ups. But we don’t have anything like that currently.

Thanks man. Didn’t think so but just wanted to be sure. Wanted to be able to programmatically change options while still running the program.

You could implement I2C or CAN and change you settings by receiving info from them.

Or change a config file while the program is running.