Literacy Project

Good afternoon, how do I use conditionals in IDE? Having to use to enter a value and call a function but it does not allow typing. The function is correct because when I retire the conditional works perfectly. The code snippet is the one below.

esc = int(input('digite: '))

if esc == ‘1’:
if esc == ‘2’:
print(‘Opção inválida’)

Hi, you can’t use input() with the IDE. We have no support for text transport to the camera. You can do this outside of the IDE however.

Good afternoon, how do I use pycharm with Open instead of Open IDE? And does it run a code with artificial intelligence over the SD card? :slight_smile:

Hi, OpenMV IDE detects code changes and will reload the file. So, just save the code you are editing on disk and open it with OpenMV IDE. Then when you make changes the IDE will prompt you to reload the code.

Good afternoon, where do I get the source package with the images from the example “”? I intend to create something similar and would like to see it complete to get an idea of ​​how it works.

Hi, you have to download them using our caffe tutorial. The CIFAR 10 dataset isn’t store as images but instead as a byte array.