Issue with Example on RT1062 - stucks writing to SD card


I am experiencing an issue with the example on my RT1062. When I copy to the device and run it with the default settings (record_time = 10000 # 10 seconds), the red LED flashes for over 10 seconds (was waiting 2+ minutes), and the device seems stuck.

However, the script works fine when executed via the IDE. Running 10 seconds, writing stream.bin to SD.

I tried another test with record_time = 600000 # 600 seconds, executing via the IDE. This time it also got stuck. I see in serial terminal print(clock.fps()) stopping printing FPS to the serial terminal. It happened approximately after 5-6min running.

Has anyone encountered this issue or have any suggestions on how to resolve it?

Using code from, no changes except playing with record_time param at line 17
Board: OpenMV Cam RT1062
Sensor: OV5649
Firmware Version: 4.5.5
SD Card: 64GB

Thank you!

Hi, this might be related to this issue:

Frame Capture Timing Out · Issue #2200 · openmv/openmv (

I’m going to debug this today. If I find a fix I will provide an updated firmware for you to try.

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