Image writer to SD on RT1062


I am having some difficulties with SD cards becoming corrupt after a some use. I am also getting an OSError whenever I write a file with the image writer. This also happens with the sample code imageio_write. I am writing hundreds of short clips to SD, each one gets the OSError, so I am wondering if the OSError is a clue as to what is happening…? (I have formatted another card and tried again with the same result)

Do you get the same error? If so do you know what it means?

Hi, that code is just a way to raise an error message box in the IDE so that you understand you have to reset the camera so that the PC can see the new file.

It’s not actually an error.


I still get OSError when the raise is commented out.

And indeed in my code where I do not use raise.


I think you can ignore that error. It’s just the script ending.

I thought I fixed that being displayed a while back… let me check if it’s still a thing.

OK. Thanks for checking…