Import Module for Vector Operations Error

I was previously using this library for vector operations on OpenMV Cam M7 with IDE 2.6.5.

import vec
import vec.distance

With the upgrade to IDE 2.6.8 and the latest firmware, the vec library is not found. Getting message ImportError: no module named ‘vec’.

How do I install this micropython module again for use with OpenMV?

Hi, please switch to ulab.

Alternatively, you can download the code that made up that library and put it in your uPY disk and the library will be available.

How do I switch to ulab?

What changed with this latest firmware that import vec is not working?

Hi, I was asked to remove these libraries to save flash and because ulab already provides vector and matrix ops, we have recently freed more flash so it’s possible to return these libraries if you need them, but you should check first and see if you can use ulab instead: Welcome to the ulab book! — The ulab book 2.5.0 documentation