ImageWriter -> ImageIO color inversion issue


I totally love the OpenMV camera and find that it is very enjoyable to write machine vision code on it.

I ran into an issue though - it seems from this post ( that you have inverted the byte order of images saved using ImageIO. That causes an issue for me because I have collected image streams using the old byte order (ImageWriter), which I use to refine my machine vision algorithm iteratively. Today the IDE suggested I should upgrade my camera firmware, which I agreed to, but suddenly all my recorded image streams playback in psychadelic color mode. Would be super grateful for some suggestion on how to convert my recording to the new layout, or if that’s hard - downgrade my camera firmware.

Thank for the awesome work!

Hi, the IDE has support handle the byte inversion. The latest firmware should too. We bumped the version of the file to v2 to handle this. Your files may be v1 which the firmware should now handle.

However, you may have recorded data while things were bugged. I.e when we did the byte inversion fix but didn’t update the file type.

So… you need to modify a byte in the file. Do you have a hex editor? If so, then open the file up. In the first 16 bytes you’ll see a version number of v1.0, change that to v1.1.

Hex editing my files to change v1.0 to v1.1 worked like a charm. Good insight. Thanks!