OpenMV M7 AttributeError about image read/write

Hi, I’m trying OpenMV in our course project. I want to record a video when field visit for later test.
But the problem is when i tried the function, it showed no attribute in these cases. Btw, mjpeg module works but i cannot find an alternative read module.
I’m quite confused about that, could you help me?

I don’t understand what you mean here? The ImageReader/Writer was removed. It’s ImageIO now: image — machine vision — MicroPython 1.20 documentation

I have been having a lot of corrupt binary videos get generated with the ImageIO attribute (the files are there, they are non-zero in size, but usually after the first video or two I record the rest are corrupted). Reverting to an older firmware (3.6.7 in my case) that let me use the ImageWriter again the and videos have been stable.


Can you help us narrow down the issue a little bit ? Please provide a script the I can use to reproduce the issue so I can debug it, also please provide any related info (fw version, cam version, sensor etc…).