Image displacement object for IR reflector constellation head tracking

Hey guys, I plan to use IR reflectors in a random pattern on the top of my head to track head direction and control pan/tilt. Image displacement seems ideal because I can set a “zero” position by snapping an initial image to compare to. Is there another function that I’m missing that would be more appropriate for this application?


Hi, you’d want to use find blobs to track the IF reflections and then you’d calculate your head position via the blob centroids.

Okay, if I’m trying to use the reflectors to give an idea of where I’m looking so that I can adjust a pan/tilt to move to where I’m looking, would I just compare the centroid of the blob to the center of the roi? I’m struggling to conceptualize how to use the x and y values of a centroid for head tracking.

Yeah, so, if you have multiple reflectors on your face they will move around as you turn your head. You can then do some type of mathematical combination of their positions to let you know which direction you are looking.

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