Image Cropping Issues

Hello everyone

I been using the Openmv-H7 for image analysis on my project. The code I written had been working the last few months but suddenly isn’t giving me the correct results. I been trying to figure the problem and I think the image is not being cropped. I am using the following code:

img = sensor.snapshot()"Strip100001.jpg")    # Taking Image

img1 = img.crop((165, 15, 45, 140))     # Image Crop (left, up, right, down)"cropStrip100001.jpg")

Despite using the above code, the crop image is the same as the original one. I not sure if its update related but I started getting this issue when I recently update the IDE and firmware. Hope you guys can advice on correcting the issue or a alternative method to cropping the image onboard.

Thank you

The API changed.

Pass roi=(x, y, w, h)

Crop is now powered by the new draw image pipeline. You now have bilinear/bicubic scaling, color table stuff, and etc. in the method.