IDE 2.6.9 doesnt work with arduino nano BLE sense examples

upgraded to IDE 2.6.9, tried the new Nano BLE sense examples, cant connect because ide says " NO open MV cam Found". Was this conceived to use an nano BLE sense with an external camera connected. there is no camera on the BLE sense.

There’s no bootloader for that module yet. As of now the firmware for it can’t be loaded so you can’t run the examples. So, basically it’s not quite ready yet.

Hello - I see the same issue with the latest IDE … Can you please confirm whether this board is supported, yet? Thank you

There’s no bootloader yet. The next release will support this.

Great! Thank you for the quick response!

Is it possible to upload the Nano BLE firmware using some other means if IDE doesn’t support it?
You have written so much code for Nano support so I imagine you have a way to test it on the board :slight_smile:

Thank you

Yes I use Jlink debugger and nrfjprog, the Makefile supports this make TARGET=NANO33 flash_image, it’s hard to get access to the SWD pins though.

Thank you very much, I will try.
Did you connect a camera as well? I was planning to use an Arducam 2MP (OV2640) and I can see a corresponding define in the omv_boardconfig.h. Any advices you can give apart from that?

Yes I’m using the TinyML kit (it comes with OV7675), also low res FIR sensors are supported (ex AMG8833), and no SPI cameras are not supported (the driver supports parallel bus only).

Thank you very much for your help.
Is this something that can be easily fixed? ArduCAM SPI libraries for Arduino seem to work with Nano 33. Or do you think it just makes no sense to support SPI cameras?

No unless there’s a way to detect that the sensor is on the SPI bus not parallel…you’re free to try though and send patches, right now there’s no interest in supporting this.