I2C baudrate on CAM H7 seems wrong


I have configured an i2c bus in MASTER mode with the baudrate 400000 on my CAM H7. However when I scope the SCL line, signal frequency is 800kHz. I have also tried 100000 and frequency is 120kHz (so it seems ok). 200000 is not supported according to an error message. What are the allowed baudrates ?

Here is my sample code :

from pyb import I2C

# Objects (I2C, INT_pin, VL53L0X)
i2c = I2C(2)
i2c.init(I2C.MASTER, baudrate=400000)

Have you ever been reported this kind of problem ?


This sounds like a prescaler issue in the MicroPython HAL. Can you open a bug ticket on GitHub?

Yes I do think it is this kind of problem. Can you give me the link of the git repo please ? I will report it.

Thx, it has been done.