OpenMV H7 Plus : problem with CAN Bus

Dear All,
I have a simple code sending a CAN Frame, the example one.
It works fine with CAM H7 and OpenMV CAN shield but not with H7 Plus.
the source code is the same and I can not see where is the problem.
The camera H7 Plus is powered with USB and other example are OK.
Best Regards,
Patrick from France.

Hi, are you running the latest firmware? The there is no difference between these boards in CAN code.

Apparently yes, Micropython v1.13-r69 and HAL V1.9.0 for both camera

It could be the different clock…Do you set the same baudrate and sampling point ? What’s on the receiving end ?

CAN(2, CAN.NORMAL, baudrate=125_000, sampling_point=75)

It is exactly the same code with
can = CAN(2, CAN.NORMAL, baudrate=500_000, sampling_point=75)
CPU freq is the same (480, 240, 120, 120)
I suspect an Hardware problem, either in the camera itself or when I welded the connector to plug the shield but it seems OK.
Does anyone test the CAN bus with H7 Plus and or without the CAN shield ?

This morning I changed the receiver and it works both for H7 and H7 plus
I have to understand why it does not with the other receiver,
but the problem should not come from the H7 Plus.