Communication issue between openmv cam m7 and arduino board

Hi, I’ve been testing out the openmv cam m7, tried using the sample program to send data(just a simple line like “hello world”) to a hardware serial using arduino mega and set baud rate to 9600 on both but for some reason only 5 character sent from the cam can be seen on the serial monitor of the arduino. I thought the baud rate was the issue so i set it to 115000 for both and tested it again with a longer sentence but only 25 characters could be seen on the serial monitor of arduino. I also tested soft serial with arduino uno, setting baud rate to 9600 but got similar results.

I would like to know if there is a way to resolve this issue as 5 characters is not enough for what i am trying to do.

I would also like to know to if there is a line_feed command where the data that appears on serial monitor appears downwards instead of horizontally.

Hi, you need to set the ‘timeout_char = 1000’ in the constructor for the serial port. By default once the serial buffer fills up characters are dropped.

Use the line feed char to print a new newline. Or carriage return char.

The timeout char default has been fixed for the next firmware release.

Hi, thanks for replying! I will try go test it out later.
May I know what you meant by this?

Use the line feed char to print a new newline. Or carriage return char.

Please Google how to print new lines in C. The same information applies for python.

Thanks for the help, the issue has been resolved.

On a side note, I’ve been testing the eye tracking capabilities of the camera and encountered a problem with the output of the program.
The program included these 2 lines: uart.write("!EYE x:%d, y:%d, w:%d, h:%d" % e)
uart.write("!IRIS x:%d, y:%d" % iris)
The camera is able to track my pupil/iris but the output only states x and y values that varies based on the location of my pupil/iris.
I would like to know what exactly does the x/y value represent? Is it something like 80 pixels from the left when x=80?

x,y are the center of the iris/eye as detected.