How to Resize and ReLocate the LCD video?

i need the LCD screen to be a bit more eye-friendly in tight spaces and would like …or love… to know how to make the display much smaller as well as relocation the smaller display to the middle of the screen.
please help? many thanks and would be muchly appreciated.

im looking at sensor.set_windowing ((( insert number1, number2)))

wow, i like what i just learned on that part. very nice zoom feature .

Uh… can you be more specific about what you want? Are you asking to scale the video? The write() method for drawing to the screen supports scaling, cropping, whatever you want.

i would like to make the visual smaller and located in the center of the screen .

The write() method to display on the screen supports an x/y position and scale of the image in x/y directions. So, you have the API already to shrink the image.