How to fix auto_exposure(maintain dark screen)

Hello. I’ve developing Led Detect Project using OV2640 camera module.
but I get in trouble. because of light issue.
I found that too bright led light makes screen darker.(owing to camera sensor)

I decide to set darker screen(like second picture) in initial setting for clear detect.

However, It is not easy to desired setting despite several attempts.
I need a solution. If you have good idea, Please post reply. There is set code as below.



sensor.set_auto_gain(False, 3)
sensor.set_auto_exposure(False, 1200)

clock = time.clock()

Hi, we don’t sell the OV2640 module. We have a driver for it because of our original OpenMV Cam M4 OV2640 unit. Do you have this module?

Anyway, the exposure control settings in this driver are very basic. You should try turning off methods immediately after reset. However, we don’t have a control for black level correction which is still running causing the image to change.