High Resolution in snapshot on movement

Hey there,
I am using snapshot on movement code on OpenMV Cam H7 Plus. I want to set the following parameters for clear image, but the camera gets disconnected automatically after running the code for a few seconds. Please suggest a solution.


NOTE : Code works fine with the default RGB565 pixformat and QVGA framesize.

Does the white led flash on the camera? Is so that’s the firmware crashing.

When I connect the cable, first the green led blinks and then white led flashes after which there is no response.
And when I run the script, first the red led glows, then blue and lastly white led flashes and an error pops up saying Image is not mutable.
Please suggest a solution to fix the problem.

You put the camera into JPEG mode.

You can do all operations to JPEG images. We support some ops on them now but not many.

I want to save the images captured in snapshot on movement code in JPEG format, I have set the pixformat to JPEG and saving the images in a folder with .jpg extension but while saving the image the code throws an error saying the image is not mutable.
Can you suggest something please?

Hi, you can do the movement detection on jpg images. There’s no need to have the pix format jpeg. We will jpeg compress the image for you on save.

Ok Thank you !