Help for camera decision needed

Hello! :slight_smile:

For a project I want Ping-Pong balls to be tracked. The project runs on the Lego set 51515 (Lego Mindstorms Inventor).
The purpose of the camera is to recognize the balls and use its information to follow the ball.
While researching I found three options suitable, but I cannot really find a difference nor do I know which suits best for my usecase.
Option 1: Global Shutter Camera Module with ultra wide angle lens
Option 2: OpenMV Cam H7 Plus
Option 3: OpenMV Cam H7 R2
Are there any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

The global shutter camera is grayscale only.

The H7 Plus we cannot get chips for so it’s hard to build. We just built another 150 but they are already sold.

So, you want to buy the H7 R2.

Alright, so you suggest a camera without grayscale-only.
If I have the time to wait until there is a restock of the H7 Plus, would you still recommend the H7 R2?
What are the advantages of the H7 R2 in this case?

glοbal shutter is the sensor that you attach on the h7 r2 camera.
so you have to buy both.
Global shutter is the way to go for me .
you can get higher frames per second and better image for inspection.
h7 plus is high resolution rgb camera . but with low fps…