Frame Buffer View Doesn't Display Lines With Saved Image

I am trying to load a saved image (.bmp), process the image, and display a line or rectangle over the image in the frame buffer view to debug the code.
If I take a snapshot with the camera inside the while loop, the line and rectangle are displayed as expected.
If I take a snapshot once outside the while loop, the line and rectangle are not displayed.
If I open my saved image, either inside the while loop or outside it, the line and rectangle are not displayed.

Since I could not upload a .bmp file directly, I renamed it wall2bmp.txt (needs to be changed to wall.bmp to run the script).
A .ppm file did not work any better.
wall2bmp.txt (225 KB) (905 Bytes)

Did you save the image after drawing lines in the image or before?

This is a very simplified case. The goal is to take pictures of our target from many angles and let the team debug target tracking code on those images instead of crowded near the target.
So no, my picture doesn’t have any lines in it (this example was actually a picture of a plain wall because the contents of the picture aren’t used in this example code).
Normally, the picture would be a target and we’d like to be able to print/view lines over it in the frame buffer window so we could see what we’re detecting.
When I run with the .bmp now, I see targets being reported on the serial terminal, but it would be much easier to debug if those could be printed into the frame buffer window similar to when we run taking live pictures.

You just have to draw on the image before saving the file to see those lines on the image. If you save the file before drawing on the image the lines are not captured.