Follow me - IR Beacon to next level - Edge Impulse or more blob hacking?

I’ve just built a decent follower using IR Beacon that of course only works in a controlled lighting environment… The steering and propulsion is simple code and so far is snappy and reliable via an ad-hoc socket-based API (code attached)… (4.2 KB)

I will now attempt to replace the IR Beacon with something that can work in wider, less controlled environment and I’ve ordered a few H7 Plus and created an Edge Impulse account in case that’s the way to go.

I’d like to be able to follow (day/night/indoor/outdoor) a 10CM square brightly colored product logo for example. Would you think the best approach is TF via Edge Impulse or just hack away at blobs using code() and bins() on my H7?

The lead time for the H7 Plus is like going to be 5+ months from now if you are lucky.

Anyway, you can do everything you want on an H7 normal with Edge Impulse. The tool can build a custom firmware for you that will run your impulse with it being built into the flash. This gives you the best performance and doesn’t cost a lot of RAM.

How many fps would be possible for an edge impulse program ?
Blobs work really fast.

20 to 30 FPS. We can do 30 FPS with the FOMO network.

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Is there any fresh tutorial on how to work on it. I have to try it…

It’s on the edge impulse website. Google FOMO network and they show how to compile one for an openmv cam.

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