Find_Line_Seg doesn't work with ROI from saved image?


I’ve noticed a weird problem that has to be related to my code implementation. When I try to run find_line_segments() or find_lines() from a saved image, I get a list of lines that makes sense. When I try to run find_line_segments(roi = (…)) or find_lines(roi = (…)) on the same image, I don’t receive any lines back. I’ve attached two images showing my IDE with both cases. Any ideas?


With ROI:

Without ROI:

Which algorithm is this? The old one? This looks like a bug. Check that you are passing ROI right.

This is the old find_line_segment, I’m running firmware v2.5.

However, this same problem occurs for find_lines as well, has this algorithm been updated as well?

What do you mean by check if I’m passing ROI right?


I just ran it in that latest firmware and it finds the line segments using the roi option. Looks like a bug in the old version of find_lines.