Search part if a image

Hello :smiley: ,

I recently got my OpenMV cam and wanted to make it run.
I started finding lines and realized how slow it is, so I would like to search only a part of a image, since I roughly know where it should be.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, find_line_segments is really slow yes, but, it uses the super accurate desktop code. Note that you wouldn’t get better performance on a PI using OpenCV for find_line_segments, we use the same algorithm based on the LSD line segment detector.

That said, I previously had a faster line segment detector before I took out because a customer wanted it to be more stable. I will look to adding the faster version (it does like 20 FPS) back in soon.

Um, anyway, just pass the “roi=(x,y,w,h)” argument to the method to get faster compute.

Sorry for the late reply :smiley:

Tried it and it works, thanks.

The amount of quality and support a peson gets with openMV is amazing.