Export dataset - Host requires authentication

When trying to export my dataset to Edge Impulse after selecting the project and dataset split, I get the error: Host requires authentication
2024-05-07 14_09_22-dataset_capture_script.py - OpenMV IDE

Any ideas?

Sounds like an SSL error.

Are you using the latest IDE and what country are you located in?

E.g. can you try to login to Edge Impulse via the GUI? There’s an option for that. It worked for me just now with no problem.

I’m in the UK. Ok I will try the GUI option tomorrow. Although, login is successful using the IDE email/password option, I can then select the project and the training/test split. It is when it attempts to upload that I get then authentication error.

I have just had a shower thought. When following another tutorial to setup the Nicla as a source directly in the edge impulse web GUI using the CLI it didn’t work initially either but it did prompt me to create a development api key. Once I did that the terminal daemon starting working even though I was authenticating using email and password, not api key.

I wonder if not having a development api key present in the edge impulse GUI for the project causes the authentication issue in the openmv IDE. I will test tomorrow.

Okay, yeah, if you are in the UK and the login works then you should be fine.

The “Host requires authentication” error isn’t a string in our GUI. That’s coming as a response from the SSL layer.

I can confirm that you need to create a development api key in the edge impulse web GUI for the project. Once that is done, the dataset upload works!

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