Example Issue on OpenMV H7 Plus


I’m new in OpenMV environment, I bought OpenMV H7 Plus R3, and test some examples on OpenMV IDE. The Examples in Image Filter, Drawing, Feature Detection, and Code detection are good. What interesting for me is tracking, detection, and recognition applications. I test the examples on Face Detection and Eye Tracking, it doesn’t work for me. The link http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/Research/DTG/attarchive/pub/data/att_faces.zip to run some example cannot found. I’m using the latest firmware version of 3.9.2, other examples are not working for me is Machine Learning - Face Detection, however the Person Detection and Edge Impulse works great! I look for Machine Learning - CNN Network Library, i dont find cmsisnn, and tensorflow in the directory, there is only one, mobilenet_v1.

I also want to connect my OpenMV on my Edge Impulse project, but it shows SSL error. How could I fix this issues, please help me out of there. Thank you.

Sorry, sometimes are examples are out of date. Our vision library is still changing. Cmsisnn stuff is not used anymore. It’s all TensorFlow now. Regarding mobile, that’s like a benchmark, don’t think about it. It’s not useable for any application.

As for the SSL error in the IDE. This is because your network blocks connection to their server. You can manually upload images to their server via their webpage. This usually works as a work around.

Thank you for response, I understand OpenMV software framework still in the development phase, with Edge Impulse, it can do what I want. Perfect option to work with Edge Impulse. Keep it up, keep fixing bugs and make sample projects with documentation, I believe OpenMV can be a well known platform as Arduino and Raspberry Pi.