Smile Detection - Model Missing

I tried following this example but, the face detection model is not in my IDE under Machine Vision Examples as it is with yours.

How do I add the face detection application so I can test the Smile Detection TFL library I created using Edge Impulse?

Thanks, Chip

Hi, we have the FOMO face detection model in the firmware and the haar cascade. Both are by default in the firmware.

@kwagyeman ,

Thank you for your response. I am sure I am missing something but when I follow your example video, I download the OpenMV Library and take the labels.txt and trained.tflite files and drag them onto my OpenMV Cam H7 Plus’s microSD card.

Then, I go back to your video and I see you open the image classification model from the Examples / Machine Vision menu:

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 8.22.55 AM

From this menu, you select “tf_face_detection”. I don’t have this option, here is what my machine learning menu looks like:

I can select tf_image_classification but it will not work with the files I provided (even if I rename them to match the expected file name in the python code).

I have the latest OpenMV IDE software and the latest firmware on my camera. I am working with my daughter on a summer project and we were hoping to get through this example to understand the process before moving onto the FOMO model application.

What am I missing?



Hi, we never shipped a smile detection model. It was just a demo that I made a video with to show off that you could train custom models using Edge Impulse.

You need to follow this:

Please note that the videos we post just capture a snapshot in time of the state of the project.

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@kwagyeman ,

Thank you for that. We were able to get the OpenMV Library file to work just fine. The OpenMV Firmware did not work but as long as we have a way forward, it is all good.

Point taken on the videos, glad you are making so much progress with this platform.

On to FOMO…