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Good day

Will you post some example Videos on YouTube of functionality of openmv? Could you add links on openmv site if possible? I am like a child before Christmas. Can’t wait so see and have openmv.

Hope we will see openmv soon.

Thank you
Albertus Geyser

Hi Albertus,

You could watch the KS video here:


You’ll find some example videos on my youtube channel too (note some of them use an older/smaller cam):

We also have a wiki here (still a work in progress):

The web site openmv.io doesn’t have examples.

Good Day

Thank you for reply.

I see Openmv on face detection has frontalface.cascade loaded. Does Openmv also support other cascades like full body cascade?
Can i use keypoint detection to improve on positively recognize a human body for example for security cam?
Will Thermal imaging also add to improve on human body detection?

Do you think that later it could be possible to recognize number plates of cars?

Last question for today: When do you think will openmv be ready to purchase?
If it is ready to purchase are you going to have sole distributors in each country or each person buy from you?
I am living in South Africa would i be able to purchase a openmv?

Thank You

Albertus Geyser

It supports OpenCV’s haar cascades (the old format). The face and eye cascades are built-in, you can load other cascades from the uSD.

Thermal can be used for presence detection. Keypoints are used to extract and make descriptors of distinctive image features (for many uses).

Number plates maybe, will probably need OCR.

We’re talking to a number of distributors, we will Not sell directly because of the logistics overhead, we hope to find at least on distributor in the US.

Good day

Thank you for reply.
How long do you think will it be until we can buy openmv?

Thank you
Albertus Geyser

Not sure exactly when, but right after we ship the KS rewards, currently we’re still testing the first batch and finalizing the production firmware and IDE, Windows and Linux installers and docs.

How will I know when and how can I buy when you are ready?

We’ll announce it here and everywhere :slight_smile: