Using Upperbody Haar Cascade with OpenMV

Hi there, I read some of the other topics and figured out how to use my own haar cascade with openmv. I converted it using and then put the .xml and .cascade file on a micro sd card to insert onto the board. It worked, but not well. Very slow processing and glitchy and then errors would arise with memory issues and all. I was wondering if there is a way to use the OpenMV M7 with an additional processor, or do you have any tips for better, smoother real-time object detection? Also, I am trying to detect torso/upper bodies; just thought that should be included.

Thanks! P.S I love OpenMV; it is a very fascinating and intriguing little device!

Yeah, the OpenMV Cam H7 really is a lot better than the M7. Please back us on Kickstarter:

Also, we added CNN support to the device. However, this also kinda needs the H7.

Can an Arduino be used for extra computational power?

Not really, the OpenMV Cam is a lot faster than the Arduino.

Um, question, so, can you post the code you used?


This is the error I am getting when trying to post the code:
No route found for “GET /posting.php” (from “”)

Please attach the code. That’s PHPBB protecting the forums from code snippets it doesn’t like. Some particular character sets it off.