Using Upperbody Haar Cascade with OpenMV

Hi there, I read some of the other topics and figured out how to use my own haar cascade with openmv. I converted it using and then put the .xml and .cascade file on a micro sd card to insert onto the board. It worked, but not well. Very slow processing and glitchy and then errors would arise with memory issues and all. I was wondering if there is a way to use the OpenMV M7 with an additional processor, or do you have any tips for better, smoother real-time object detection? Also, I am trying to detect torso/upper bodies; just thought that should be included.

Thanks! P.S I love OpenMV; it is a very fascinating and intriguing little device!

Yeah, the OpenMV Cam H7 really is a lot better than the M7. Please back us on Kickstarter: OpenMV Cam H7 - Machine Vision w/ MicroPython. by OpenMV — Kickstarter

Also, we added CNN support to the device. However, this also kinda needs the H7.

Can an Arduino be used for extra computational power?

Not really, the OpenMV Cam is a lot faster than the Arduino.

Um, question, so, can you post the code you used?


This is the error I am getting when trying to post the code:
No route found for “GET /posting.php” (from “”)

Please attach the code. That’s PHPBB protecting the forums from code snippets it doesn’t like. Some particular character sets it off.