error: Failed to save the image file for an unknown reason

Good morning!

I am getting to know the openmvcam and trying to find a way to save snapshots to my computer. Currently the example.jpg saves correctly to the openmv camera’s internal flash, but when I right click on the photo preview in the IDE and try to save to a location on my computer I get this error. I am on Ubuntu. Is there some driver I am missing that lets the openmv camera save to my desktop? Thanks for any guidance.

Hi I’m not sure what’s going wrong here. I just tried this on windows and ubuntu with the latest version of the IDE and I didn’t have any problems.

What file type did you try to save the image as? The interface for Qt on this doesn’t give me any other information other than the save failed (the call returns a boolean value). So, I can’t tell you anything more than the save method failed for some reason. Please try another image file type.

Thank you for the reply. I did not realize I had to type the file type in the file name bar of the save image window.

Ah, yeah, on windows it just forces the first one (BMP). I guess on linux it requires you to pick one.

The drop down menu only contains that one choice (all image files). After I typed the file extension .jpg then it worked perfectly!

Is it possible to save my image to my laptop directly to location like ‘‘C:\ newfolder\example.jpg’’

No, the camera only has access to its own filesystem (on flash or SD card) not your PC.