Do I understand the OpenMV correctly?

Hey there.

Is it correctly understood that the OpenMV works independently from a computer once it’s been initially programmed?

I want to build a facial tracking toy, that just pans/tilts using servo motors to follow people around. It doesn’t record or anything, it just follows them around like a sentry.

Will I be able to do this with an OpenMV and Arduino? So that the entire projects just runs on a power supply/adapter once programmed? I need an Attiny for the servo control code to make it truly independent/portable, but does the OpenMV work this way, or will I always need to have a computer hooked up to it?

Hi there!
Openmv can work stand alone indeed.
In fact when you hook up the PC you decrease the performance of it.
Please use a SD card to save the though.
You have to reset camera after disconnected the PC too…