Detecting multiple points in an image

I am looking to use MicroPython and my H7 R2 to detect multiple points in an image, either B/W or IR. I have two questions:

How do I limit the FOV of the cam to a 5x5-deg box in the center?

How do I get started with coding up what is necessary to detect the points?

Thank you.

Hi, please use the ROI value of functions to limit where they process data.

Then use the find_blobs() method to track color blobs.

I just want to double-check my ROI calculation:

Using QQQVGA and the Super Telephoto Lens (FOV = 9.1x6.8(deg)), to get an ROI=5x5(deg), I use set_windowing(44, 44), based on:

(5/9.1)*80 and (5/6.8)*60

That works too.

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