Detecting color of specific areas

I am new to Python in general but I have used Arduinos and C++ with success, and I do other programming such as PLC and CNC and have done Basic programming in the past. I want to use the OpenMV Cam H7 Plus for a project and purchased one to detect the specific color in roughly 4 quadrants of the image frame. This was done in a single area previously using a color sensor and it worked well, but now we’d like to get the color in up to 4 specific areas. The areas to view can be any shape and each needs to be only a small portion of the whole image.

So I am looking for a little guidance on how to capture the color of multiple areas. I will need to generate a value based on color change for each area so it can be output as an analog value. In the past calculating color temperature was quite useful for further processing but I haven’t found any libraries relating to that in microPython.


It’s really easy!

Just pass the roi parameter:

find_blobs(roi=[x, y, w, h])

Just add roi=[x, y, w, h] which you can get from clicking on an area in the IDE to the call and it will restrict results to only be from that area.

I’ll give that a try.