Custom OpenMV H7 plus board - flashing the boot loader

I am having a custom openmv H7 plus board developed. With a New chip do I need the debug port to flash it the first time with the bootloader or can load everything via the usb to PC connection?

Do I need any special programmers in case?

You just need to be able to short BOOT0 to 3.3V and have that hold when the board is powered on and plugged into USB.

You can then load the bootloader.dfu via USB. Then you can load our firmware.bin via USB. Use the IDE to load both files.



I received the boards and am having trouble Lodi g DFU. When I plug in the USB windows detects it. No LEDs blink. I get a cannot open dfu service message. I tried to load the bootloader.dfu file with the IDE tool but I get flooded with these messages.

0483:df11 Cannot open DFU device 0483:df11 Cannot open DFU device

Any advice?

I think I have the right procedure to load dfu but I am unsure. I’m just following what the ide says. Can you please link it here eventually?

Why do you need to load DFU? Is your board dead?

Virgin chips on custom board

Okay, so, please follow the instructions we have. If you have a problem we can’t really debug… since it’s not our stuff…

The board was made following your schematics exactly. I would really appreciate any help. I follow the instructions to use dfu Util. When trying to upload the bootloader file I get a message

dfll cannot open dfu device 0483

In windows 10 I get “STM Device In DFU mode” when I plug the board in with Rst and boot or boot to 3.3V jumpered together.

I do not see a COM port open like I do when I plug in one of the many original openmv H7 plus boards I have.

The issue was with the windows 10 usb drivers. I followed this procedure and loaded the bootloader successfully.


But, again, if you have a problem it has to be a specific question that we could hope to answer.