Connecting to a high amperage motor driver such as a Sabertooth 3x32


I bought a motor shield but found out it can only draw 1A per motor. Is it possible to connect the H7 to a Sabertooth 2x32 which can handle 32A per channel? Sabertooth has Arduino library so it is easy to control it with Arduino, but i need the image processing intelligence of the Openmv cam. How should i connect them and what would the code look like?

I can’t give device specific knowledge on how to connect the two. But the sabertooth shield is quite simple and a direct PWM controlled device. So, the examples and pinouts for the motor shield should be applicable assuming you connect the same type of pins to what need to be driven.

E.g. on the motor shield per channel you have PWM, and then A and B for direction. So, you’d connect these two the PWM and INA and INB of the sabertooth shield.

There are a few extra pins you will have to pull high and low but otherwise it should be fine.