Change Servo GPIO Pins

Is it possible to change the GPIO pins for Servo 1 and 2 on the H7 Plus? The two servos use P7 and P8, preventing the simultaneous use of I2C4. My application needs SPI, UART, I2C and one Servo. If the servo can be mapped to P9 then all of these peripherals can be used on the H7 Plus.

The description of the H7 Plus states “Interrupts and PWM on all I/O pins”

How can I generate PWM on P9?

Looking at the datasheet for the STM32H743xI/G, Table 10. Port A Alternate Functions, Pin P6 (PA5) can be used with Timer 8.

This generates a PWM signal on P6:

tim = Timer(8, freq=1000)
ch1 =, Timer.PWM, pin=Pin(“P6”), pulse_width_percent=25)

Have not found a way to generate PWM on P9 yet.

Hi, that’s just a general statement. P9 is quite useless on the H7 Plus. It was not well picked and doesn’t have any special functions and as such can’t really do anything much.

In your next spin, it would be of great value for the OpenMV boards to bring out more of the GPIO pins from the STM. This will greatly expand its usability for more advanced applications.

We have a pro module that has 1 more gpio pin. Then for the extra pins on the STM module we added a whole bunch of new stuff like WiFi, BLE, battery charging, an accelerator, public/private key cryptography, and a distance sensor.

We use all pins in the MCU.