Can't access models stored in micro sd card

I have inserted a SanDIsk 128GB microSD card into my OpenMV H7+ and once I connect my camera to my macbook, all the files on my camera internal memory does not appear on the camera disk. When I drag files into the disk and try to access it in OpenMV IDE, it did not work. When I take the microSD card out of the camera and plug the camera back in to my macbook, all the original files on the camera appear again. I’m not sure how I can properly make the microsd card work. I have already tried formatting the microsd card to FAT32 and exFAT and neither one worked as they all show the same issue above. Please let me know how to solve this situation.

When you have the SD card inserted it replaces the files on the internal memory of the camera. You cannot see them until the SD card is removed.

Thank you!