Access to the virtual drive from Windows Embedded

I want to access the virtual drive of the OpenMV cam from the USB port of a PLC running Windows Embedded.
If I connect them, a message shows saying that a driver is not found.
Is there a driver available?

The storage is a standard USB MSC, see if there’s an MSC driver for Windows embedded.

I think I finally found my problem along these lines. My SD drive shows 32 GB of storage available on the laptop plug in port. If I then take it, plug it in to the cam , after power cycling, set the permissions to everyone and get properties again on the cam side from windows file explorer, the properties window show 5K of memory/space available?

properties on laptop

Piccies show my situation.
This may explain all the chuntering and untoward crap this thing has been up to.


Forgot to add that I saw your note and scanning and fixing the drive. No difference.
Can it be the SD itself? Doesn’t seem likely. Windows has no problem.
What sort of SD does the cam prefer?

You didn’t mention which cam that is, the ~11KBs storage could be the internal flash storage, which means the SD card was Not detected for some reason so it just mounts the internal storage instead. I’d try reformatting the card and make sure it uses MBR partition table, 1 partition and FAT32 fs (or exFAT which is recommended). If it still doesn’t work, try again with any other card. FYI I know for sure Samsung EVO cards work. Also might want to try this with a PC Windows first to rule out any issues with Windows embedded.

I am having a similar issue but without the SD card.
I need to develop a solution without the use of the SD card and as far as I am aware there should be 2MB of flash memory available on the OpenMV Cam H7 R2. My system also only sees the 111KB of storage and I cant seem to find any answers around.
I may just be missing something as I’ve only recently started development with OpenMV.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

That’s not an issue, most of that flash is used for the firmware and only 1 sector (~128KBs) is reserved for the internal filesystem. If you need more space you have to use an SD card or upgrade to the plus, which has a QSPI external flash with MBytes of space for the filesystem

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Thank you very much for the fast feedback.
We thought there might be an issue with the board but in the time since posting we realized that the firmware might be using that space.
Thank you for clearing that up for us.

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