Bugs, and more bugs.

Hey folks who just bought an OpenMV Cam - Thanks for purchasing one! You’re really helping us out.

Anyway, that said, the camera you bought comes with a lot of bugs. First read through my tutorial (https://openmv.io/docs/openmv/tutorial/) to get my thoughts on all the issues.

I’m actually the business guy for the OpenMV project. While I know how to code… I decided to put up the website, forums, start the company, etc. Basically, everything non-technical. However, it’s clear to me the firmware still needs a lot of help. Ibrahim’s implemented a lot of cool stuff… but, it really needs a lot of polishing before its really ready for use as a product. So, I’m going to shine the… firmware. So, I’ll be working in tandem with Ibrahim to fix any bugs I see and basically make the code a lot more user friendly and flexible. Hopefully, by the general release date for all the kickstarter boards the firmware should be in a really good state.

That said, right now, the camera is usable, just… read my tutorial to know where the land mines are right now. We’re going to try to be updating the firmware weekly, so, with the OpenMV IDE you’ll be able to flash on the improvements as we have them. Anyway, the camera system is still quite usable right now. So, don’t think it’s not functionality, it just needs a lot of polishing.

Please submit bugs and feature requests on github so they are tracked - thanks