Barcode reading - distance

hi , just bought openmv h7 plus board and i’m trying datamatrix example or linear barcode reading but the distance to get it is very little , at max 2-3 centimenters , is it normal ?
i’m testing your hardware also with global shutter to understand if it will be capable of detecting barcode at much more distance than the reported , to understand if i can make a low end product to compete with Cognex product

That’s kinda the expected distance.

To be clear, datamatrix support is just one thing we do. I can’t say we do it that well. It’s not like we spent more than 60 hours on building it out. If you want to compete with the Cognex product you’d want to heavily improve the library code.

If you want more distance with minimal work just use a different lens to get a zoom effect and crop the image.

The performance on the hardware side is there. But, it requires you really use the system in a precise way and possibly improve the firmware. If you build the camera hardware to detect a barcode at a fixed location and distance then it will be able to do the job. It’s unlikely to be able to do the Cognex like function of handling detection in any situation though as that takes a lot of work to build that kind of performance.