ATWINC1500-MR210PB firmware


I am trying to connect the WiFi module with Openmv cam to the net. When running this, it says to update the firmware, as per the notes in the code, the firmware available in the OpenMV IDE is winc_19_5_2.bin and the required firmware for ATWINC1500-MR210PB is winc_19_6_1.bin. Could you kindly guide me to getting this version of the firmware.

Thank you,

You’ll find the firmware here /share/qtcreator/firmware/WINC1500/winc_19_6_1.bin


I can only find winc_19_5_2.bin in the specified folder. This file is not supported by the WiFi-chip.

Please download the lastest IDE resources.


Sorry about the repeated posts. I am using OpenMV IDE 2.2.0 version. Is there an updated version? Where can I find it?

The IDE should ask you when it starts to download updated resources… If this isn’t happening it would be due to the IDE not being able to ping our server. In that case, the firmware is here: Release v3.5.2 · openmv/openmv · GitHub

Open the zip file and the firmware for the WiFi shield will be in there under the WINC folder.

Thank you, it works.